Specializing in the custom supply and install of

screens, rollshutters and awnings.



Talius Rollshutters, secure, durable, and strong, are the ultimate security solution for your home and business. Talius Rollshutters protect your property when you need them and retracting conveniently into an overhead box when you don’t. Talius Rollshutters are custom made to every opening, creating a cohesive look with the exterior of your building.

Security / Vandalism

  • Stops break-ins and theft
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce vandalism

Weather Protection

  • Protection from bad weather
  • Keep your home or business cool
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs


  • Aids in noise reduction, and privacy


Talius Habitat Screens™ will help to block the sun while preserving your view, reduce your air conditioning costs and help you to reclaim your outdoor living space. Our screen are an attractive alternative to traditional window treatments and interior blinds, installed on the exterior of your building they are designed to block the heat and glare before reaching your window.

Sun Protection

  • Keep your home or business cool
  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Protect furniture from fading

Bug Protection

  • Preserve your view
  • Prevent insects from entering your home

Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental carbon footprint
  • Solar overheating in summer


Awnings reduce the ultraviolet rays by 98 to 99 per cent making it safer and more comfortable to enjoy your patio or deck. They even reduce the heat entering your home by up to 75 per cent. This translates to more comfortable living both indoors and outdoors. Each awning is custom made for the client after a sales representative visits the home or business to take precise measurements and to discuss the various options, designs and colours available.

Expands Your Seasonal Living

  • Provides cool, comfortable shade
  • Protection from the elements
  • Decreases the sunlight in

Energy Efficeincy

  • Reduces the energy costs of air conditioning up to 25%
  • Blocks 75% of solar heat